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My Pic Clock

How it works.

Default My Pic Clock background.

My Pic Clock lets you use any image from your Camera Roll as the background for a clock that displays the Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

You can also take a new picture with your iPhone camera to use as the background. The Menu lets you change the clock location, size, color, and opacity.

You can also use your paintings, drawings, or any artwork as the background!

Make the clock small, medium or large.
Choose from six clock colors PLUS black and white.
Display the clock in any corner, or the center.
Opacity: Make the clock "opaque", "see-thru", or "barely there".

Select an image you already have, or use the camera to make a new one.

You can use images from:
1. Your iPhone Camera Roll
2. Take a new picture with your iPhone camera, (which is saved to your Camera Roll)
3. Use any image from your email that you save to your Camera Roll by touching and holding your finger on the image until the "Save Image" button comes up.
4. Download the Krazy Kaos Wallpaper app in the App Store to make thousands of different designs using shapes, colors, and opacities you choose. Save the ones you like and use them as My Pic Clock backgrounds! Search for Krazy Kaos or Moonboy Apps.

If you are experiencing problems with My Pic Clock, try deleting it from your phone and re-installing. You can either sync your iPhone with your computer to reinstall My Pic Clock, (if you have run a sync with your phone with your computer AFTER installing My Pic Clock the first time), or download it again from iTunes or the App store. You won't need to pay again, as iTunes or the App store will remember you have previously installed it.

The newest, updated version of My Pic Clock, lets you crop your picture if you choose to! Now you have even more control over the image displayed on the screen. You have the choice of selecting a cropped image from your Camera Roll, or cropping an image you take on the spot with your camera.

Use some artwork for the background!

Use your favorite vacation picture!

You control the clock location,size, color, and opacity.

Download Krazy Kaos Wallpaper to make zillions of your
own designs to use as clock backgrounds!