This app works on BOTH iPad and iPhone!

Get this full-featured, customized iPad/iPhone app for just $1200.00 US!

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Search for "moonboy apps" in the iPhone and iPad app stores to see all my apps, and download this one for FREE!

The app always knows "where you are". However, while making this movie, I was using the iPad emulator, and
had to give the program a location off-screen. This will be seamless when you are using the app in reality.


How I will customize this app for YOU.


This "universal" version is for iPad AND iPhone! Imagine YOUR logo and YOUR name on this launch screen for your very own iPad / iPhone app! This image is animated as the app fully opens.

Let me make you your own UNIVERSAL mobile application!

This app will showcase your work, and can be viewed on BOTH the iPad and the iPhone 5!

You may have a website, but these days, to be really current and up to date, you must have your own mobile application!

Here are five easy steps of exactly what you can do to make this app customized for your work and your desires.

Make the decisions listed below:

1. How many catagories of images do you need, and what are they titled? (Portrait, Landscape, Editorial, Advertisting, etc.)

2. What "other" type of information do you want to display? (Client List, Shows and Exhibitions, Awards and Honors, etc.)

3. What type of website or blog content do you want to display? (Your website, your blogs or tumblr, or none.)

4. What image do you want for you background on the first interface and what color is the background image? (I am using a hexagon pattern that is blue-green). You can do your own image in Photoshop and send it to me, complete with your ideas of custom buttons, etc!

5. What type of logo or "launch-screen" image do you want to use. (Mine in the blue "moon" that animates when the app opens).

That's it! Send me an email with all the questions listed above, and send me your images inside folders in the correct categories. We can use Dropbox to transfer images, since those will be files too large to email. (Dropbox is free to sign up and use!)

Get this full-featured, customized iPad/iPhone app for just $1200.00 US!

A big company would charge from $125 - $175/hour to develop an app like this, and would take about 40 hours.On the low side, that is $5,000.00! Since I am an artist that also writes computer programs, I can save you tons of money. Let me place your images in this app and get you into the current hi-tech world of communication and marketing. How will it sound and look to your clients when you tell them they can download YOUR PERSONAL universat iPad and iPhone app for free! They will have your work at their fingertips, and best of all, you have just set yourself apart from your competition! Email me today and let's get started! My email is in BLUE near the top.



The default user interface. You decide what categories you want, and how many! Click any category to see images, text, or webviews.

scientific palette

This is the "grid view" of the landscape category of images. Click on the thumbnail to see the image appear larger.

color text page

The enlarged view of the image. Users can also enlarge the image and scroll left and right, up and down to see greater detail of the image.
Users can click the Prev and Next buttons to seamlessly glide from one image to another. Click the "Share" button to share the image with other art directors or clients! Tapping the screen onece hides the bottom row of buttons. Tap again to bring it back.

build a palette

You will love this specialized feature! Anywhere you travel, you can find nearby art galleries, museums, restaurants, and atm's! Are you planning a trip to a new city to look at artwork, or find a new gallery? This feature will help you locate them with ease, and you'll never be hungry or run out of cash.

build a palette

With the click of a button, clients and artdirectors can send you an email from inside your application!

build a palette

See your entire website INSIDE THE APPLICATION so the users don't ever leave your app!

build a palette

BONUS! Includes a handy Units Converter. With such an international market place, this feature lets clients convert cenimeters to inches, miles to kilometers, etc. It takes the quesswork out of dimensions! Can you imagine an art director firing up your iPad app anytime they need to convert some measurements??! It keeps you on their mind!

color text page

A list of honors, clients, publications, and business philosophies. This could also include your personal "Artist's Statement" or any other info you decide to share.











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