This app works on BOTH iPad and iPhone!

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Flip Match Animated

(a card matching game)
How it works.


Above is the default user interface for Flip Match Animated
(a card matching game).

This "universal" version is for iPad AND iPhone!

You will love spending time with this app! Not only will you have loads of fun, but you will be sharpening your brain skills as well.

Choose one of six categories of cards to play.

Four categories have 20 cards to match for 10 pairs; but there's more!

With one category, you must match THREE cards, not just TWO! And there are 24 cards to choose from!

And the dreaded "MEGA MATCHING" game! This game has you match pairs of cards from 90, YES, 90 cards! Will you be able to do it before the time runs out?

The timer keeps time for you, and the score is tallied at the end of each game. Keep practicing to keep your name on the TOP TEN list for each individual game! Have fun competition and tournaments with your friends! Who can get the highest score and stay at the top of the TOP TEN list???

If you are experiencing problems with Flip Match Animated, try deleting it from your phone and re-installing. You can either sync your iPhone with your computer to reinstall Flip Match Animated, (if you have run a sync with your phone with your computer AFTER installing Flip Match Animated the first time), or download it again from iTunes or the App Store. You won't need to pay again, as iTunes and the App Store will remember you have previously installed it.


This image shows the cards after the animated dealing has layed them out on a white background. You can choose several other backgrounds, as well as different backs of cards. Customize your favorite comibinations.

scientific palette

Here is the Safari game in process. You can see the timer tracking the elapsed time of the game.

color text page

Each game has its own TOP TEN scores list. Can you keep your name at the top of each one? Let your friends try and top you!

build a palette

One of the many backgrounds you can choose. See the scores to any game at any time.

build a palette

The backgrounds for the User interface to stary the games. You choose any you like at any time. The game will remember your choice the next time you play.

build a palette

Choose from any of these card backs for any game. Don't worry, the game will keep track of what you like and remember the next time you play.