A few words about my images.

My "Artist Statement" is as follows......"Please look at my work.".....


I love painting landscapes that take into account the human condition, such as the uncertainty of one's future. What lies beyond the bend, a group of trees, and how "stable" or "level" are our paths.

Still Life

Still life paintings are challenging because there is "nothing to hide behind."

Code Art

I write programs that allow humans and computers to cooperate in order to make images that cannot be done by one or the other by themselves. A "handshake" of humans and machines to produce images.


Finding new ways to explore the elements of design with a "blue" and whimsical look. These images are not digital, but actual pieces made from papers and images.

Travel Sketches

I enjoy painting and drawing while traveling, and "drawing my drink".....the drink thing is a long story.

Me; trying to look "artist cool".

If you have any thoughts or questions about what I do, or how I do it, send me and email from the contact page.


Currently showing at the Eva Reynolds Gallery, in Overland Park, KS.

At some point in time, I have been involved with the galleries below.

Sager Braudis Gallery, Columbia, MO
The Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO
American Legacy Gallery; Kansan City, MO
Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, VA
Strecker-Nelson Gallery; Manhattan, KS
Hallar Gallery; Kansan City, MO
Leftbank Gallery; St. Simons Island, GA
Fast's Gallery, Springfield, MO