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Code as Art

Code as Art

How it works.

Some of the most "creative thinking" I have done recently has been computer programing using "scripting" languages such as javascript and PHP. While going through the learning process, I decided I could learn more quickly by actually having specific goals in mind as an end result of a programming problem.

I assigned myself the problem of programming some interactive games to be played online.

First came the "fortune telling" games, then the matching games. The slot machines were next, and I needed extra time to work out the animations of the spinning "reels" that display the images. The Bonus Keno game was the last of the series, and by far the most complex.

After some conversation with artistic colleagues, they suggested I compare the actual computer code of three of these games, and have another program generate images, based on the factors of each game. You can see the results of these comparisons below. The remaining links are purely images generated by code and a javascript library called Raphael.

The pages reload automatically, and a new image is presented every 6 seconds.

A list of the images made by the programming.

It is best to use the browser Google Chrome for viewing.

Pages will reload every 6 seconds and will create a new image.

Stick around and watch the pages changes every few seconds for a new look.
Some pages have subtle aminations as well.